Weekend Roundup: Seriously-Dude-It's-Les-Miles Edition: November 27, 2007

Kirk Ferentz...nope. Back to trying to figure out the Cyclones.

Ron English...hope you enjoyed your interview.

Mike DeBord...hope you didn't even enjoy your interview.

Brian Kelly...worked as a press agent for Gary Hart's run for president. That's not a joke. No thanks, enjoy the MAC.

Gary Pinkel...despite the magical 2007 season, you're under .500 in conference.Thanks anyway Whitlock, we'll stay insane.


More stuff...


The rumors at MGoBlog are scaring me...a little. Iowa folk seem to believe that Ferentz has been offered...and accepted the job. Not sure if I want a guy that is 3-6 against their version of Michigan State, and is 2-4 against the coach he is replacing. The pinnacle of his career is a Hail Mary victory over LSU in the Capital One bowl. And for those that don't like Les coming in having lost to Arkansas...Kirk finished the season with a 28-19 loss to Western Michigan. Far be it from me to nit pick over bad upsets, but f'n Western? On senior day? Couple that with the fact that they have amassed 18 losses in the last 3 seasons, and the shine of the two-time Big Ten coach of the year has long since worn off for me.

Listen folks...word around campus, and second hand word from a big donor, is that Les is in. If I had a nickel for everybody that is friends with the guy that sold Mrs. Miles her new house in Barton Hills, I'd be able to pay to park on the golf course next year for free. Type "Les Miles Barton Hills" into Google if you want to see how viral it has gotten. Anyway, the deal has been done for a while. We're just going through the motions. Maybe it's not the blockbuster name that you covet. Maybe Lloyd isn't a big fan. Whatever. He's a Michigan man. He got teary at a press conference in Baton Rouge when talking about Bo on the anniversary of his death. And in a program that is more about integrity and tradition than wins and losses, he's your guy.

The rest is smoke and mirrors.