BREAKING NEWS: It's Time for a Little R&R

Hardly breaking news now, but in case you live under a rock and/or don't know how to get your browser off of, Michigan has hired Rich Rodriguez. MGoBlue made it official this afternoon. Don Nehlen tells you why in the Detroit News:

Former West Virginia coach Don Nehlen, under whom Rodriguez played and was mentored as a coach, said this is an ideal move for Rodriguez.

"I think it's a great, great, great opportunity for him," said Nehlen, who coached at Michigan under Bo Schembechler from 1977-1979. "I think it's tremendous. There are very few Michigans. When you coach at West Virginia you walk on water in West Virginia, but when you coach at Michigan, you walk on water, period. There's a difference. Some people around here don't want to believe that."

That's the arrogance I've been looking for!

Obviously, I'm excited about this. If for no other reason...Debord won't be here. More to come tonight, plus a big announcement from the family!