Utah State Breeds Deviants

Ahhh, Utah State.  The first round draw for the Wolverines has a nice past.  Remember Larry Eustachy? He coached the Aggies, doing God knows what all over campus undetected, before before getting picked up by Iowa State. It was at Iowa State that Larry flew a little to close to the fire. Damn digital cameras kept him from living the dream.

Notable alums are few and far between, but there are a couple of Michigan ties:

How 'bout Eric Hipple? The 4th round pick out of Utah State in the 1980 NFL draft, he was the Detroit Lion's quarterback for 9 years. That's quarterback longevity at it's finest in the Ford era. Speaking of Ford, the son of beloved Michigan alum Gerald Ford, John Gardner Ford, also graduated from Utah State.

Get your tickets yet? Ya, me neither.

But they are available, and they are cheaper than your average night in the Huron League. $10 gets you in the blue, $8 gets you in the gold, and $5 gets you in as a student.

If none of that interests you, you could always:

Reunion approaching...March 31st...Ann Arbor...