Good Night Courtney

Nice run fellas.

The Michigan Wolverines fell tonight to the Florida State Seminoles by a mere 21 points, 87-66, in case you missed it live on ESPN The Ocho. The cagers showed a bit of mercy on the Wolverine faithful by making a graceful exit from the most embarrassing post season event in all of sports. After a half-hour search, I was able to find the elusive NIT box score on Not sure if it's some kind of misprint, as 

The Worldwide Leader In Kool-Aid  has yet to give out any type of story, but I think Kendrick Price started. Lester Abram, Dion Harris, and Courtney Sims did not. Interesting coaching move...or did our senior cagers stay out past curfew in Tallahassee? Perhaps they pulled a little Adrian Arrington.   Either way, the next time you hear about Courtney Sims, it will most likely be in regards to his job as the 7th man on some shady team in Israel. Perhaps he'll just be the next
Jerod Ward, wearing out his welcome at Rick's over the next several years. Either way, I bid adieu to a senior class that accomplished next to nothing...which makes them no different from the senior classes of the last eight years I suppose.

In tournament challenge news, as of a little after 10pm on opening day, the biggest upset has been the lack thereof. Aside from VCU sending Tommy's alma mater home early, the chalk pickers are able to rejoice. Congrats to the 10 of you that called the Blue Devils' early exit...and a Golden Sack award to the three of you that took Virginia Commonwealth to the sweet sixteen. Good luck with that.

There will be no perfect brackets in the 2007 NCAA Tournament Challenge. The best of our bunch are sitting on at least one incorrect pick already.