Dust Off Your Brackets

I've received a few inquiries, and I just wanted to assure everyone that there WILL be a 2007 UMTailgate.com Tournament Challenge. If you participated last year, you will get an invitation via email. If you need an invite, send an email to tourney2k7@umtailgate.com to let me know who you are, and I will add you to the list. Same rules...same donation...same trash talking fun.

Meanwhile back in the Big Ten Tournament...

It's halftime at the United Center and Michigan leads 20-16. Ya, the Maize and Blue drew the coveted "weekday at noon" spot for both Thursday and Friday (if they win this abomination). You can listen live from the office for free by following the link at mgoblue.com, but I wouldn't recommend it. See if you can find some Big East action on another station...they play real basketball.

And if you are feeling left out with all the bubble talk and bracketology that leaves your sorry-excuse-for-a-senior-laden team on the outside looking in, perhaps you should start concentrating on the more likely tournament over at NIT-ology.


A "must click" link from Deadspin's website to Johnny Cleveland's eyes to my ears...it's the Michigan Wolverines as Stacey Carosi in this Big Ten Tourney preview featuring your favorite characters from Saved By the Bell.