Buckeyes Fall Again, Oden Retires, Unborn Baby Wins Tournament Challenge, Gators Take Over College Universe

I can't believe they gave Ohio State a rematch! Didn't these two teams just play 100 days ago?!?!? Who would want to see a rematch?!?!? The Buckeyes had their chance. Why do they get to play each other again?!?!? Hmmm. I guess that argument only works for football.

Q: How many national titles in basketball and football did the Michigan Wolverines win this year?

A: The same number as Ohio State...ZERO.

For the Thad Five, a reality version of the Western Dolphins, it was an amazing (but most certainly illegal) run at a National Championship that ended at the hands of the latest sports dynasty, the Florida Gators, a team from a school that is in the middle of some kind of Tiger Woods-like run at a college sports Grand Slam. And as much as I hate the Gator's monopoly, I hate The Program more, and I am therefore willing to concede and congratulate Florida and more importantly thank them for thwarting the Buckeye efforts on the court, and on the field.

Cue that fruity chop you bastards, it doesn't change the fact you once lost to John Navarre.

Immediately following the game, Greg Oden announced that he will be moving to a retirement community in Arizona. He chose Arizona to be close to his grandchildren.

In UMTailgate.com Tournament challenge news...

For the first time in history, an unborn baby beat the field. The Demski Offspring, previously mentioned here, out-picked all of the air-breathers to take first place. Second place came down to a tiebreaker between Todd Muck of Toyota and David DeMaggio (no relation). Muck took the tiebreak coming just 4-points away from picking the exact total score.

Congrats to our winners! Check out the final standings here.