Game Times Set For Homecoming & Winnie Game

Get your calendars out kids.

Sometimes I think Bubba sits in front of hitting refresh all day. And if he does, that makes him a lot cooler than all of you. I received a voicemail just yesterday from him, a voicemail that really does indicate the start of the "thinking about football season." It was simple, straight to the point, and had the same level of excitement you may hear from someone coming from a root canal.

The Illinois game is at night.

Aside from marking the first known time on the 2007 schedule, it makes for great news for the dueling Winnie crews, who will get full use of their rentals...and no doubt fill their waste tanks over the course of the long day (Get them rubber gloves on Baby Gorilla). Bad news for the "in-and-out" twins, who will no doubt be on that midnight train to Naperville.

Upon checking the official site of all good Michigan News, I found that not only was the Indiana game finalized, but the good folks at Schembechler Hall decided to give us the time for the October 13th match-up against Purdue as well. A noon start for Homecoming, which will also be (if you allow me to mark out to myself for a moment) my 100th straight Michigan game.

Makes me want to put up the schedule, themes, and the countdown timer...but it's time for bed.