Not So Super, Mario...and Friends

Must give credit where credit is due, as Johnny Cleveland broke this story from the open vault that is Downriver back on Wednesday, just hours after the bust occurred in Monroe County. I had neither the balls nor the inclination to take down my current favorite Wolverine player right here on without first hand info, so I did what any self respecting fake journalist would do...passed it on to a higher power that I knew would act responsibly. Now the story has hit the mainstream media moguls at The Monroe News, who doesn't name names, but does give us some hope.

Long story short:

Four dudes in a car, two are football players, two civilians, and they are on their way to Ohio. Why they were travelling to that God forsaken state we'll probably never know. They get pulled over, the two civilians have weed on them. In the car, they find a bit of weed and some Vicodin. The two players? Mario Manningham is one, and the other is not yet confirmed but is rumored on the forums to be a quarterback. Are Mario and Chad hanging out? Probably not. Not sure who owned the car, though I'm fairly certain it did not belong to Ed Martin...because Chris Webber killed him. And the hope? MGoBlog says it best (as it usually does):

This is probably a pot bust and a first offense. He could even be the legal Vicodin guy -- he did have some surgery in the offseason. There's no way he gets in serious trouble for this if he's even in trouble. Maybe a slap on the wrist against Appalachian State, but nothing big. (Please?)

Ya, I was kinda hoping we'd never hear about it, ya know, Ohio State/Florida State/Miami style. Oh well.