Notre Dame 'Til We Die

Odd news, really.  It seemed likely that the Notre Dame - Michigan series was destined to end for a little while, if not longer, as of 2011.  2011?  Quite a ways away.  Five more games, two more visits to South Bend, and then perhaps a chance at an interesting home-at-home with SOMEBODY DIFFERENT.  But it was not to be.

As most no doubt have heard (or read on the message board), out of nowhere Michigan and Notre Dame renewed their series...through 2031. That's a really, really long time.  To put it into perspective, despite the national media who thinks we've been playing every year since 1898, Michigan and Notre Dame have met only 34 times (Michigan holding a 19-14-1 advantage by the way), and this new contract adds 20 more meetings.  This extension conjures up a few thoughts and feelings...

The Good:

  • If Notre Dame can actually "Return to Glory" with a little more frequency, this is a pretty cool non-conference opponent.

  • Every other year, we're on NBC, which guarantees we won't be shuffled to the much maligned Big Ten Network.

  • Sweet #1 all-time vs. #2 all-time matchup.  Note: Notre Dame is #2.

  • Getting to see generations of Ron Powlus clones come through the system with big Heismann hype leaving with nothing but a fruity green alternate jersey.

  • 10 more parties with the Godfather in Stevensville.

  • First hand charting of Charlie Weiss's Oprah-like weight fluctuation

The Bad:

  • I would like to play somebody somewhere different. 

  • 9 out of 10 rednecks and hippies already think Notre Dame is in the Big Ten, negating the cool non-conference aspect for those outside the midwest.

  • Notre Dame's 83-50 record over the past ten seasons ranks them just below Miami of Ohio for that time period.  In other words, they kinda suck.

  • Bo said "The hell with Notre Dame."

  • T-shirt costs from parties at the Godfather's may force the Godmother to get a night job.

  • The unlikeliness that we'll be alive when the contract needs to be renewed again.

**UPDATE**  Transcripts from the negotiation to renew this conract were leaked to Autumn Thunder, and are available by clicking here.