Presser Quietly Addresses F--- Lion

Lloyd Carr addressed the media today in the first "game-inspired" press conference of the 2007 season. Things you can take away from it are as follows:

  • Despite the rich history of seasons and the extensive use worldwide of the Roman calendar, Lloyd insists that fall began back at the end of July.

  • Appalachian State is the best team ever.

  • We can only run to the left, and Chad Henne may have to roll out to the left on every snap so he doesn't die. More to the point, our offensive line is in a bit of trouble on the right hand side. Mitchell is out, and a freshman named David Molk might get some serious PT at RG. Looks like Steve Schilling is solidly in at RT.

  • Kevin Grady is running. (Forgot about him during the injury report..whoops) Still a lengthy rehab ahead.

  • Ryan Mallet should see some time under center...a reason to stay for the second half.

  • There is no fullback on the depth chart...which makes some people think we are going to run a spread offense or something. Get a grip. Hand off to Hart. Hand off to Hart. Hand off to Hart. Toss bomb to Mario. That's our offense, and you love it.

  • The placekicking job isn't quite resolved yet. You know what? If you've three kickers...that means you don't have one.

Then there is the issue of Marques Slocum's facebook page. As reported throughout the internet, Marques had a cute little Q&A session...with himself...and posted the results on his facebook page. It was originally picked up by Everyday Should Be Saturday, and is quite a read. No, really, if you missed it, you should read it right now. It was also picked up by Deadspin here. Note to all student athletes: No MySpace, no Facebook, no pictures, no dog-fighting, and no f--- lions. Regarding Mr. Slocum, Lloyd says:

We'll make our dress list this week, so you might want to check that out when you get to the game.

It's a different world out there folks. I bet you never thought you'd see the day when someone was benched "due to internet."

***UPDATE*** There's now a T-Shirt available from the boys of EDSBS.