#1 vs. #2

Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich

The Cripple Fight

Well, it's pre-game again. Refocus time. Quiet time. Pad-free walk thr---- Wait, didn't we do this last week? Did it work? Nope. So let's try something else. Remember the last time you loved the Wolverines, I mean really loved them? I do. It was 2003. Michigan-Ohio State...the 100th game. They made a lithograph out of it. You bought one....maybe two. It's hanging somewhere nearby. Look at it. It was the largest crowd ever to watch a football game. Why? Because we count the people on the field. And on the field were former Michigan Football letterwinners, strong in number, making a tunnel for the players to run through on the way to the banner. That's what we need.

And it seems there has been a call to arms. (courtesy (AKA stolen from) MZone):

This Saturday approx 1:45pm, we want every former player to meet just outside the tunnel (at Michigan stadium), to support (and remind!) our team on why they wear that winged helmet! We want to show our unity for the Wolverines, when they step off the bus.


 has taken it a step further, asking fans to show up too. "Support the support" is what they call it. Sounds like a plan...which is more than I can say for the coaching staff in the first two games