Now Who Sucks?

With everybody tripping over themselves trying tobury our fair Wolverines headfirst, or headcaochfirst as it were, who would have thought that the hot seat had room for an ass the size of Charlie Weiss's?

The Wolverines did exactly what you didn't expect them to do this weekend. Show up. Or at least it felt like they showed up. Perhaps we just ran into a team that is playing the worst football in Division 1-A...or Division 1-AA for that matter. Either way, it felt good. It looked good. It was good. There was a new feeling at the Big House on Saturday. A combination of relief and disbelief. We are certainly not #1, but we can't possibly be #119.

Of course everything isn't bright and sunny at Schembechler Hall just yet. The team is probably not as bad as they looked in games 1 and 2...but they're certainly not as good as they looked on Saturday. A simple gameplan: Hand it to the man that is seemingly decided to carry the Wolverines on his back, make tackles on defense, repeat as necessary. Three yards and a cloud of ground up old tires works for me.

With something to build on now, can the Wolverines make a run at #10 Penn State and the Big Ten? Uhhhh...probably not.

But there's no doubt the conference is hitting a historic low point. Just this weekend, we had Florida Atlantic over Minnesota, Iowa State (who has losses to Kent State and Northern Iowa) over Iowa, and Duke (without Krzyzewski) ending a 22-game losing streak with a win over Northwestern.

We shall see.