Hits Keep on Coming, News and a Little Preview

  • As if the season wasn't off to a bad enough start, this tragic news just in, famous "Shakey Jake" has died. As most of us who attended Ann Arbor know, he was a on- campus fixture that brightened everyone's days. Mich. Daily Story here!
  • Also on the Bad News tip, we officially need to adopt a new baseball team for the fall here at UMT. The Tigers are done, my vote is for the Cubbies!

Enough with the Bad News, at least until Saturday Night, The Good News and the PSU preview when you click "continue reading" below!


#1 -- Spartans up to NO Good - Even being almost two TD favs on the road in South Bend isn't enough to keep the green ones out of trouble as former Super Bowl Champ and Spartan shows us here. Ingram Det.News Story here

#2 -- The Juice is Loose - Defenses couldn't stop him on the field, and another futile attempt to keep him locked up has failed again. For all of you who think his goose is finally cooked, I wouldn't bet on it!

#3 -- D. Jones #55 What? - One of our all time favorites, who recently spoke the truth when he explained all the uproar about our loss to AP St., "Everyone wants to go to Michigan", Dhani Jones has signed with the Bengals.


Who: #10 Penn St. Nittany Lions vs. U of M Wolverines

When: Carnival Starts @ 8:OO AM, Game at 3:30

PSU Notes

Founded: 1855

Students: 37,000 undergrad

Location: Located in the center of the State and the middle of nowhere!