Lou Holtz Pep Talk

Lou Holtz's weekly pep talk was aimed at the Nittany Lions this week. For those that missed it, the quote to note is:

...and Michigan is arrogant. They are probably over there doing crossword puzzles with a pen because they think they never make mistakes.

Thanks Lou. Your pep talk did wonders for us against Oregon...hope it has the same effect on Penn State.

For a look at the Michigan-Penn State game from the other side, read this post from Black Shoe Diaries:

Don't let their 1-2 record fool you. Michigan is a dangerous opponent this weekend. They are a wounded animal backed into a corner. Now with conference play starting they have new life. Make no mistake. They intend to run the table, win the Big Ten, and go to the Rose Bowl thumbing their nose at everyone saying they suck.

And then lose the Rose Bowl, right? We don't do well out west.

And then there's the Spartans: 3-0. Bumped us to the Big Ten Network next weekend, eh? Amazing start right? Well, don't get too cocky East Lansing, this is the 3rd consecutive year with such a start. They ended up 4-8 last year and 5-6 in 2005. Notre Dame blog The Blue-Gray Sky covers this week's matchup as I quickly switch to Go Irish mode.

Let us also not forget quite possibly the best you tube video ever....Mike Valenti's rant from last season put to music with some great Sparty highlights. Love it...watch it. And thanks to Deadspin for reminding me of it.

That's all I've got....still waiting for Johnny Cleveland's Pregame?