Capital One Bowl Pics

Didn't really touch on the tailgate itself...or lack thereof. We were some tired boys on Tuesday morning. Tired and unmotivated. I guess we were just going through the motions...waiting patiently for the impending doom. We were bad fans this day. No hope. No chance.

We managed to meet up with Baby Gorilla and his female companion (fresh off her regular season suspension, and proudly wearing Michigan gear), Shep and friends, and the world famous Goody and his no, the new one. They all seemed surprised at our lack of enthusiasm. We-the-streakers just chalk it up to too much experience, and too many trips to this god-forsaken bowl venue. You can hand all the Capital One tarps you want on that atrocity, it's still the Citrus Bowl.

Little did we know that everything would change so drastically.

Inside, we ran into Cooper and family from Garsworld, who happened to be in our section. We celebrated the surprising victory together, and stayed long after the final whistle to bask in the glory. A day where everything finally went our way.

I hope you don't have a lot of big expectations for the I said, I was suffering from a lack of motivation. they are....

Thank you Blue, for making me so wrong.