The Perfect Storm

The game plan, the situation, the timing...There are those that put more time into the analysis of the game and to scrutinizing the recruiting process but if you watched Rich Rod's former team Wednesday night none of that information was required to be excited about what the future holds at Michigan.

It feels like the perfect storm. Lloyd gets the respect he deserves (and I'm at the front of the line despite my numerous critical posts) and the seniors finally put it together. The game plan and execution were amazing.

And as I watch the fiesta bowl I can't but think my god that's our offense! Our bowl game had me dreaming of yesteryear but I dream of more today.

The one prevailing thought? Jesus Christ those guys are fast!

No doubt there will be bumps on the road during our transition but if Rich Rodriguez can carry the program with half the class as Lloyd we'll be in good shape. However I'm a little concerned about what seems to be, at least publicly, a lack of enthusiasm for the job. No doubt Rich is playing both sides but I think it's too late. WV already hates him. He might as well show a little more enthusiasm for being at Michigan. Even if this is a stepping stone for the pros he seems too even keeled for what has happened over the last month. Maybe he needs to settle in first, hire his staff, and get things going his way. But at some point I'd like to know he's not just here to spite his previous AD. If it was so hard to leave wouldn't it mean taking the Michigan job would out-weigh any regret or sorrow that leaving created?

The posturing in the media by both sides is tiring and frankly pathetic, immature and self-indulging. It's understandable and I realize the feelings are natural when you have your heartbroken like West Virginia is portraying. But as far as Rodriguez is concerned, it might be more difficult to turn down love.

If I learnt anything in 2007 its that there's more to life than football. But when football is your life you better be sure you're surrounded by the necessary requirements to live...and I'm thankful for being able to say proudly, I have been given these. Family is defined by the individual. And individuals make the family. And fittingly, Lloyd Carr would always quote "The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

So for 2008 I wish Bill Stewart and the Mountaineers the best of luck and may Rich Rodriguez find comfort and success for however long he decides to stay in Ann Arbor. Most importantly, a thank you to Lloyd, you made my experience at Michigan magical and my continued support honorable. Cheers.