Never the Bride

She wore red tonight. The Buffalo Bills of college sports choked on another one, misrepresenting their conference and embarrassing themselves. A lot was said about the lightning fast SEC speed in the weeks leading up to this matchup, but it didn't come to fruition.

Too fast? Not really.

Too smart. Too strong. Out-coached. Out-battled.

The Buckeyes fall short again, making it 3 consecutive National Championship games (football, basketball, football) in which they couldn't get it done. They started quickly, jumping out to a 10-0 lead...and that would be it. From that point, Ohio State looked confused and frustrated. Costly, borderline retarded penalties kept drives alive. Missed assignments all over the place, missed tackles all over the place...unable to adjust to the trickeration from the Michigan Man that almost was, and unable to respond to the SEC strength.

The Buckeyes fall to 3-11-1 overall against the SEC, 0-9 in bowl games. Yummmm. Taste the tears. The Wolverines are 18-5-1 against the SEC...8-2 in bowl games.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to compare seasons here. We lost to a mountain town high school this year. OSU won the Big Ten title. I'm just giving you the final results...Michigan didn't win the National Championship, and neither did Ohio State. The rest of this is smoke and mirrors, ifs and buts. The only difference between us now?

We're on a winning streak.

There's a certain amount of satisfaction that we have the ability to do something that Ohio State cannot...beat the SEC. Our New Year's Day victory felt good and looked good. Now it's even better.

And now it's over in so many ways. The season is over. The reign of Bo has truly ended. Things will never be the same. We are moving on, moving forward. And you have to love it, all of it, even the bit of uncertainty about the new regime. These are exciting times my friends. Get on board.

Spring game up next. See you then...and at the reunion.