40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Posts

During the offseason here at UMTailgate.com, I seem to divide my time evenly between posts that are "catch up" oriented and posts that are apologetic for a long period of time between posts. This one should cover both of those.

First we catch up...

Coach Rodriguez is in a legal battle with his alma mater. There are a lot of opinions out there about this from the Michigan side, but most are complaining for the sake of complaining. Those that dislike RichRod and his apparent negative press pile are the same people that would be talking about Les Miles being just another Lloyd. West Virginia won their bowl game without Coach Rodriguez. Les Miles beat Ohio State. Lloyd beat Florida. The bowls results aligned against this new regime from an appearance standpoint. But don't let the beginning of January dissuade you from the decision you supported just six weeks ago. For years you've complained, you asked for change, you wanted more from those four and five star recruits, you wanted speed, unpredictability...don't dare deny it. And now it's here, so don't be scared when the school that didn't want to meet Rodriguez's demands decides to wage a war of words on him. This is your coach. You support him. You don't bail on him before he even gets to take the field. Sack up.

Terrelle Pryor commits at noon today. Brace for an overreaction either way. I plan to embrace him as the next coming of Christ if he picks the Blue. I plan to call him a crooked, overrated pile of shit if he picks the Buckeyes. He's most likely somewhere in between. I'm just as interested in the good press as I am the player at this point.

The stadium currently looks like a medieval castle. There's a 25 foot deep trench all the way around it. It's freaking me out more and more each day. It will not host the spring game this year...but there are some rumors floating about that there will still be a game, perhaps at Ford Field.

The basketball team kinda sucks.

Ok, that's it for the catch up.

The apology: Sorry it's been so long between posts. As penance, and in the interest of Lent, I will post every day from today until Easter. Seems to be better, more fun, and more beneficial than giving some food item up. Seriously. That's the plan. So...we're back tomorrow with Pryorfest. See you then.