Eat This...Pryorfest Delayed, Ohio Plundered

OK. Seriously. This is a General Tso's Phily Cheesesteak Sandwich. It speaks for itself.

Official stuff from the official site: MGoBlue is reporting that 23 individuals have been signed to "binding" LOI's. I've been waiting all day to use that acronym, and I hate myself for it. Also, the use of the word "binding" by the worldwide leader in fluff makes it all feel so legal-like. Not among those LOI's? Mr. Pryor, who has decided to drag out this self-love show for a little while longer. Looks like dad likes JoePa and TP is leaning towards OSU. My first choice for him at this point is Penn State. That keeps the overhype out of The Big House, and the possibility of a world beater out of Columbus. If JoePa gets a hold of this guy, he will have him looking like Morelli

 by the end of spring, thus eliminating any threat.

Late submitter? Sam McGuffie, who tried desperately to ruin my day, pulled the trigger at 8:30pm.

Interesting notes on RR's first class...

  • Of the 23 commits, only 5 are from Michigan. 7 come from Ohio.

  • 2 of the recruits are from Florida...which is two times the number of players currently on the team from Florida

  • Justin Feagin, quarterback. Yesterday, you had no idea who he was. 7 months from now, he might be at the helm. Uhhhhhhhh....statline.......nice...... rushed for 1,313 yards on 160 carries and scored 25 touchdowns as a senior ... completed 91-of-151 passes for 1,420 yards with 19 touchdowns and three interceptions senior year. That there's Pryor-like numbers.

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  • Two things you did not know: #1) There is something known as "Rodriguez Fallout." #2) There is a paper in Michigan called the Daily Tribune. Experience both of these anomalies right here.

  • Somehow, continuing the rich tradition of John L. with a MAC quality recruiting class means things are coming up roses in East Lansing...if you ask Drew Sharp. Somehow 2-star athletes make for good foundations. Somehow Drew Sharp keeps his job.