We're gonna need more lights

Michigan State will attempt to break yet another Michigan streak in this year of streak-breakers, that being not having won in Ann Arbor since 1990 (BTW, Desmond's 2-point conversion was good).  Kickoff has been set officially for 3:30pm.

Also of note, Bubba would like to remind you that THIS IS NOT MICHIGAN BASKETBALL.  In other words, DON'T BE DUMPING YOUR TICKETS TO THE GREEN AND WHITE FAITHFUL. If you find yourself unable to go to the game, then sell your tickets to someone wearing Michigan gear...and check to make sure that they don't have a green shirt on underneath it, because they are crafty couch burning little bastards these Spartans.  If I have to hear a GO GREEN, GO WHITE chant in the Big House that is unable to be drowned out by The Victors, I'm going to get Butters to start shooting people in the dick.

Remember who they are....they have 5 wins against us since 1988.  THEY ARE LITTLE BROTHER.