Weekend Roundup, Yea or Nay Edition: October 13, 2008

Kinda funny, I think I've made my peace with it...it being the program's perceived circling of the drain in the dirty dish filled sink that is my college football supporting life.  Gotta move on.  Gotta be forward thinking.  Gotta believe.  Yes, the sting of Saturday still lingers a bit, as the media, especially locally, won't let me forget how bad we are, and how good Michigan State is.  More firsts and freshly broken streaks of positivity seem to appear each day.  They say we've swapped roles.  Michigan a bottom feeder...Michigan State on the road to greatness.  I think I've seen this before. 

Unfortunately for reeling (and unranked) Michigan, it will not be able to turn to Braylon Edwards on Saturday when it visits 11th-ranked and surging Michigan State in a Big Ten Conference clash. (ESPN, October 1, 2005)

Penn State?  A BCS championship contender at #3.  Then the line...my god the line.  Penn State -24.  Penn State, who hasn't mustered a victory in the series since 1996, is -24.  A team that has a coach that can't even pace the sidelines anymore...is -24.  The way they manhandled Wisconsin...it reminds me of, well, the way WE manhandled Wisconsin in the second half.

Alright, that's enough confidence building material for a team that has seemingly regressed with every snap.

Here's the reactions you missed while drawing a warm bath and preparing to share it with a plugged in toaster...


Rich Rod's Monday presser in it's edited glory is right here courtesy of Mlive.  Rich Rod picked a Rod Marinelli catch phrase that made me throw up a bit in my mouth.

We've got to stay the course.

I think he meant "we've got to stay on the course," referring to the tailgate.


Ahhhhh yes.  A fresh new website probably created by some google money hungry asshat in silicon valley posing as a disgruntled Michigan fan.  Welcome to firerrod.com.


The downward spiral summarized simply by Athlon Sports.


Buckeyes rub it in.

Yes, that Toledo…the same team that lost to Florida International by 19 points.

So let's laugh!

This afternoon, a very sternly-worded letter was sent to Toledo's University President on behalf of the student body from Appalachian State.  They want their notoriety back.

I can't wait for Pryor to be ruled inelligible.


The Big Ten power rankings...or in our case, lack thereof.

Rich Rodriguez came into this season as a realist, but even he couldn't envision how bad this thing would get.


More from Buckeye country, where they are "dancing on our grave."


The Wall Street Journal tells us the spread is offense sucks.  The Wall Street Journal should probably stick to fixing my 401k, being that they agree with Gary Danielson. MGoBlog tells it like it is.


Maize and Brew celebrates Zoltan's need to warm up on third down.

After six games, Michigan's third down conversion rate (22/81=27.2%) puts the Wolverines at 116th out of 119 Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams.


The Conquering Heroes say they are ready to return our defective coach.

The kid gloves are off. Our trust has ended.


Genuinely Sarcastic takes some shots at the fanbase.

Wake up, people. This program was decaying. At the risk of sounding like a certain political candidate, CHANGE WAS NECESSARY. You can bitch and moan all you want about Les Miles being robbed of a chance to coach here, but get over it. The Michigan Internet is ablaze tonight, and I'm close to a psychotic break.