Theme Alert: Formal...Rain Alert: Alternate Location is Tennis Center

Kinda sucks, but we've been awfully lucky with the weather so far this season, so we'll see what happens.  Either way, this probably puts a damper on the formal theme, but we're moving forward regardless.  Attire for Saturday is Sunday best...SEC style.  On the preliminary menu...ham, cheesy potatoes, country fried steak and eggs, penne with meat sauce, meatballs and sausage.

In case of a rain out of Ann Arbor Golf and Outing, we're moving our show to the Tennis Center on State Street.  We may not know until the morning of the tailgate if it is open or not, so stay tuned.  Those that have my phone number, give me a text in the morning and I will try to let you know when I know.  I will also try to post something here if time permits.