Are We There Yet?

Never thought I'd be here, at this point, with this psyche, during a season of Michigan Football.  There's a third of season left that includes a cripple fight in West Lafayette, a 10-hour trek to Minneapolis, a one way ticket to Hell on Earth, and just one more game in the "friendly" confines of Michigan Stadium.  I'm on a search for fun in the biggest pile of un-fun to find its way into Michigan lore.

Yes, there are parts of me that just want it to be over.  Yes, there are parts of me that are concerned about what has transpired.  Yes, there are parts of me that wonder what would have happened if West Virginia beat Pitt.  But like I said, there's a third of a season left.

Finishing strong can change hearts and minds.  And as unimportant as this season may be when we look back on it in a couple years, there is still something to be gained here.  A change in attitude, a change in approach, and again, a STRONG FINISH, can be the difference in the decision of one recruit, the mental toughness of one player, or the collective fandom of a group of supporters starving for signs of life.

We are not dead yet.

As I often yell from my "seat" in section 30..."SHOW ME SOMETHING."  For God's sakes it.  Show me something...anything...anything at all.

I'm still here.