Minnesota. 10 Hour Drive. Nick Sheridan. Who's With Me?!?!?

Yes, I'm still alive.  Still uninspired.  Still waiting for somebody, somewhere, to SHOW ME SOMETHING.

It's getting old, this losing shit.  They say you get used to it, and that's when the real problems set in.  Teams will forget how to win, forget what it's like to play in meaningful games, and end up needing not only to learn to play the game (or learn a new system) but need to learn how to be ready mentally again.  I don't think we've approached that point yet (the team that is) but it's not that far away.  Every game still counts, not for this season, but for next season...for future sanity.

So it's with deep remorse that I hat tip MGoBlog for this link to the Freep stating that Nick Sheridan will start in the Wolverines final game at the dark, desolate, and decidedly unspirited off-campus Metrodome.  Ya, it's only a 600 mile trek across the United States...to see Nick Sheridan lead the Wolverines onto the field.


So I continue to repeat to myself...

Four Winds Thursday

The Nook Friday

Al's Breakfast Saturday

Beer during game.  Beer during game.  Beer during game.  Beer during game.