Weekend Roundup: A Time To Kill Edition: February 11, 2008

What you missed this weekend while creating the ultimate pile of swine:

Ricky Barnum(OG) Rivals 5th Center, ESPN 4th Guard, Roy Roundtree(WR)  Rivals 44th Wide Receiver, ESPN 104th Wide Receiver. Michael Shaw(RB)  Rivals 7th Running Back, ESPN 77th Running Back. Barnum, Roundtree, and Shaw are three signing day steals by Rodriguez and the Wolverines. Barnum was set on Florida, Roundtree with Purdue and Shaw with Penn State.
  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Michigan won a basketball game. Tarek says I'm fair-weather. Tarek also cheered the Spartans when they played against Wisconsin in 1996.