Jake Long on Sportscenter

Projected top-5 pick Jake Long was profiled at combine training on the 6:30pm Sportscenter today. Jake is only the 5th lineman ever to be a two-time Big Ten offensive lineman of the year, and the first Michigan player since Trip Welbourne (Johnny Cleveland's favorite) to be a two-time All-American. I'm pretty sure that's because he should have gone pro. Jake's trainer at the combine made it clear that this is no ordinary man and that Jake has "mits the size of a polar bear." Which for starters is poor grammatically, but is probably not far off from the truth.

An interview moment with Jake shows that in his post-Gittleson life he has "leaned down a lot." He continues on revealing that the "lifting we did at school was all slow, pausing at the top." From the looks of the rigorous training regiment Jake was enduring, and the speed at which he was required to do it, I think it would be safe to say that Gittleson's methods don't translate well to the NFL system.

Jake goes on to say that he "thought he was eating healthy" before he arrived at the training. But they've got him on a stringent nutritional plan now, which begs the question: Do we not have nutritional plans in our program?