He's the Wiz...and Nobody Beats Him

What do you know about Michigan Football? Not much. No, seriously. You may know stats, you may remember games, you may match numbers with players with the best of them...but what do you really know? Ever been to a practice? Probably not. When a player is dismissed from the team for "violating team rules" do you know what he did? Not for months. Did you know that Henne/Hart/Manningham was/wasn't going to play in (fill in 2007 game here) because they were injured? Nope. You were always guessing.

That's all going to change. It's time for funny. It's time for that great Michigan arrogance, and boy do we have a guy that is ready to put up that middle finger.

In a way that no leader of the Maize and Blue has in 40 years, RichRod opened up on WDFN this afternoon, responding to the comments of Joe Tiller last week:

I don't have any snake oil either. But maybe I'd be good at that, I don't know."

Then comes the obligatory backhanded compliment:

"(Tiller's) a great guy. Great coach."

He also covers a little game planning and strategy. My god, not the strategy! It's odd. We used to have a gameplan that I could recite to anyone in passing in about five minutes. I could routinely call the plays from the stands. Outcomes were easy to envision...minus that last bowl game.

Now we've got this complicated, unpredictable system...and we are willing to tell anyone that will listen. Hell, were even hosting a camp to teach our system to the locals.

Anyway, the audio is available over at MLive, which is where I stole the bulk of the above quotes from too. It's a good interview, worth a listen.