Spring. As in...warmer. As in...football.

Seriously? I think EDSBS says it best with the title of their post: It's Too Soon to Talk Spring Practice Let's Talk Spring Practice. However, it's certainly worth mentioning that there's going to be a spread offense running plays in Ann Arbor in five weeks. That's right, the new era of Michigan Football in all of its adidas wearing glory will begin on March 18th. Barwis is going to have some sore players on his hands, being that they are going to now be going to lifting actual weights.

Michigan begins practice on the sensible date of March 18th. With Lloyd Carr gone, we may assume the dogs and razor wire have been removed from around the practice fields, and the process may be a more transparent one as a whole for the Wolverines. DickRod may actually correlate reports of weather conditions, something Carr thought was for pinko commie sissypant dog rapists.

Well said fellas, I don't even mind the "DickRod" crack.

Of note on the Rivals.com list of Spring Practices...a Spring GAME date for Michigan. April 15th people...mark the calendar right now. Ummmm.....but that's a Tuesday!?!? Where? Your guess is as good as mine. Just be happy it doesn't interfere with THE season schedule. God I miss Jeremy Lesueur.