WVU vs. RichRod For Dummies...The Website

The busy law students at the Harvard of the East Washtenaw Community College of the Appalachians have gathered together and made a new blog. This should be a wake up call to any of you out there that thought creating a blog was too difficult to manage or too technical. The fact that I have one should be enough...but that some backwoods inbreds have managed to throw one together should really inspire you. I imagine that these "people" live in caves not unlike members of the Taliban. So for them to have to drive to downtown Morgantown and get to a library to use the internet and make a blog that breaks down what for them is the trial of the century...well I just want to tell them I'm proud of them. Taking time out from the squatter's rights studies and hunting accident recreations to do this for us is downright charitable of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the West Virginia University Sports and Entertainment Law Society, and richrodriguezlaw. blogspot. com. Please be warned...you will need akey bump or two to remain alert while reading this.

Of note, the advisor for this little club has four names, of which he chooses to capitalize none: andrÃé douglas pond cummings. Note the accent mark on the e in andrÃ. Ever met someone that has one of those that wasn't an asshole? Now look at his picture. There. That should do it. I just made you the reader of UMTailgate.com feel better about yourself, if only for a moment.