Basketball. Petway. Basketball.

Thanks to MGoBlog for turning the Michigan world on There's some great stuff over there and they obviously have a thankless job covering what is considered these days to be the "other", ya, props. While visiting I couldn't help but notice the words "dunk contest" and "Petway" in the same sentence. It caused flashbacks to so many great memories of bad Michigan teams whose best moments came during warm-ups...and most of those moments featured Air Georgia. Well, Air Georgia has moved on to the league now...the D-League that is...and has once again made a name for himself as a circus act dunker.

Deadspin had remote coverage of D-League all-star weekend through Hardwood Paroxysm

, which is genius on their part. The coverage had this to say about the former Wolverine 7th/8th-man:

But in the Finals, Petway killed him. After a massive lob East-Bay Funk dunk, he then place the ball on the ground under the goal, stood, leaned down, then jumped up and dunked it, standing. It wasn't impressive when you watched it. Then you thought about it. And realized how much leg power that took. The man's a freak of nature.

That he is. What'd Brent think? Well, he's got a blog, and his post regarding the evening is called "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered."

I always surprise people when I get under the lights because I show a completely different side of myself. What can I say l'm an entertainer and I love to put on a show. If you wanna see exactly how good our dunk contest was just go to YouTube and type in "dleague dunk contest."

OK...done. Then comes the challenge, or um...challege.
Also be watching YouTube in the upcoming week, I will b posting a challege to the NBA Dunk Contest winner Dwight Howard. I'm gonna do every dunk he did and put it up because I don't think my message got out that we wanna challenge the league. He's a Georgia boy, I'm a Georgia boy so let's set it up.

Hmmmm. Yes, perhaps that would be fun. Then maybe later you guys can PLAY ACTUAL BASKETBALL against each other.

Finally, in the interest of equal time for coach audio clips, I give you's audio coverage of Beilein on WTKA on Wednesday. The program is on track? Maybe. Just be careful tonight on that weird floor in the barn in Minnesota.

Off topic...look at this crazy rap....Tressel's Cheating, but we knew that...Mike Hart combine news.