Michigan vs. Kate: Sort of Live Blog...

Life is full of difficult choices. Tonight, it was Kate vs. Michigan. Michigan wins. Kate and I will meet up in TiVoLand this weekend.

Thanks to Rhode Island vs. UMASS, which was a sweet matchup  12 years ago, we missed the tip live from the barn. No matter, because as they switched to the action in Minnesota, the announcers welcomed us with "the Gophers are on an 8-0 run. It was 15-4, and it felt a bit like old times. Old times being two weeks ago, that is.

Michigan battled back and eventually took the lead, at which point the announcer made the obligatory poke...

Remember that Michigan Final Four team (referring to the 1991 squad)? No. No you don't. Because it never happened."

Yep. The NCAA got out the big eraser on that one."

But that's not the best quote of the first half. It's this one:

Minnesota has lost 2 in a row. Michigan has won 3 in a row.Something's got to give."

Actually sir, no. Nothing HAS to give. In fact, if Michigan wins, nothing has "given." Both teams will have continued their current streaks. Try that again sometime when the two teams are on winning streaks, or the two teams are on losing streaks. That way, no matter what, somebody's streak is coming to an end. Come to think of it, that doesn't even make sense. OK, I've got it. If Michigan had the #1 offense, and Minnesota had the #1 defense, or vice versa....then something would have to give.

Michigan leads 35-34 at the half in a game that is not unbearable to watch so far...aside from ESPN being too cheap to send the HD crew to Minneapolis.

Offensive rebounding at both ends keeps the game close for the first 10 minutes of the second half. Michigan, however maintained their halftime lead until Minnesota tied it at the line with 10:30 remaining. The announcers then take a shot at the Michigan facilities as CJ Lee makes a quarter quart dish to Gibson for an and-1. It's amazing how the world loves to hate Wolverine nation. 'Sota takes it's first lead of the second half on an alley oop with 9 minutes to go.

Timeout sends us to highlights of American Christian vs. St. Anthony. It's a slow night in sports out there folks.

Things appearing to begin to unravel as we got to the 8 min officials TO. Minnesota up 55-52.

A bad call is followed by two big Gopher threes, one of which is flat out stupid. Really starting to unravel, but lots of time to go despite the fact the jackass announcer would like you to think this 6 point lead is insurmountable with 5:12 to go. This asshole would like to give Tubby a Marcellus Wallace.

Hmmmm. Unravelling continues. TV timeout with 3:44 to go...63-55 'Sota. Keep the faith?

In an impromptu review of Ohio State's tournament resume (because that's what I was dying to see), Michigan was listed as one of Ohio State's "bad losses." That's where we are folks. We're a bad loss. A three-pointer makes it 11, and then, as I have a flashback of Louis Bullock tapping his head, Michigan violates the shot clock. 2 minutes to go.

Should've picked Kate.

CJ Lee just got blocked so hard that his mother felt it. As we trade turnovers and the game comes to an end, the announcer reminds you that we have 6 points in the last 13 minutes. Ugh.

Michigan is 5-24 from three. That, as they say, is not good.

69-60 Minnesota. Final.

Now get over it and go see Jalen Rose at halftime on Saturday.

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