The Weekend Roundup, St. Patty's Day Edition: 3/17/08

We'll do this in paragraph form this week...

As you celebrate the bursting of the Buckeye's bubble, I direct you to the BBC, which is celebrating Terrelle Pryor taking Michigan off of his list. The writing has been on the wall for a while, and the assumption has been that it was PSU or OSU...I still don't see where TP has named the two teams. In fact, on Saturday, he said he was down to two schools, but declined to name them. So, not that I care, but nothing's official. I would also like to take this Buckeye recruiting moment to rehash the fact that Maurice Clarett, fabulous Buckeye freshman, once was caught with guns, vodka, a hatchet, and a bullet-proof vest. This has nothing to do with this link, I just like to bring it up.

Also in basketball news, John Beilein hasn't lost hope despite a school record 22 losses, and reminds you that he "grew up on an apple farm and we got pruned many times this year so the apples will grow bigger and better every year. So we've gone through that process and we embraced it as much as we could, as hard as it was." OK. What does this have to do with the fact that we have no significant incoming freshman? How about "we're running out of seeds and there will soon be no trees" ???

Practice started this weekend for football, which is exciting. Barwis is kicking their asses,and so is Rodriguez. Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet are the leaders in the clubhouse at QB.

"I have better endurance," Boren said, referring to the offseason conditioning. Even better is this quote from an ESPN article by Ivan Maisel:

The Michigan players look and feel different. Mathews went from being able to touch his toes to putting his palms on the ground. He had to buy size 36 jeans to accommodate his thighs. His waist remains a 34.

Dude...what was going on under the previous regime? Were they really pumping cake icing into players?

Hockey (for the Godfather) swept Nebraska Omaha to move on in the CCHA tournament. They won 10-1 on Friday.

In made up scandal news, Jim Carty spent a year and a half writing an article full of complete bullshit. Varsity Blue takes the Ann Arbor News to task on it. This will no doubt be a topic of discussion, probably nation wide as the week goes on...because everybody loves to hate us. More Clarett fun for deflection purposes.

For you bracketologists...a method to your Cinderella picking madness.