Boren is Another Way to Call A Cat A Kitty

Is this possible? Did Justin Boren just leave the team because practice was too hard? I mean seriously (from the first day of practice)...

Rodriguez said he's working with "a blank canvas for all the guys," saying he'll have an idea of players who will help by the end of the spring.

"Every coach says that, pretty much," said left guard Justin Boren, a returning starter who is adjusting to racing back to the line of scrimmage instead of jogging back to a huddle. "They've been watching a lot of film from last year. Of course, your position's never set in stone.

"If a starter from last year doesn't perform, then they're not going to be a starter anymore. But as long as you take care of business and do what you've been doing, you should be all right."

Or, if you are too much of a vag to run, you're not gonna be all right. You are going to go home. You are no better than Jason Nadaskay. Yes, I know, most of you have no idea who Jason Nadaskay is. But those those of you who do are wallowing in the perfection of the correlation.

Whatever the reason, and I hope there's a better one than "practice was too hard", this leaves us with one returning starter on the line. At best, we've had a defection from the program by a legacy...and that is not good however you slice it.

The first-year U-M coach refused to discuss specifics, saying he talks only about guys who play for Michigan.

Let's hope RichRod doesn't run out of people to talk to. Hey Justin: "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions" ...history is coming full circle.