The Weekend Roundup, My Picks Sucked Edition: March 24, 2008

What you missed this weekend while taking the 2nd edition of the WWF action figures quiz...

  • Anybody up for filling out a new set of brackets? Try this one. Michigan is in it. Oh, and keep in mind, the Frozen Four is in our house in 2010, which is six years before Miguel Cabrera's contract expires.

  • In "our enemies enjoy breaking the law" news, take a look at this tidbit aboutBuckeye great David Boston and this "off the blotter" moment from Sparty T.J. Williams.

  • I buy one video game every year, NCAA Football by EA Sports. This year, Sparty will be on the cover, so it looks like I need to find another way to simulate the season.

  • How do you know that Justin Feagin isn't going to end up begin better than Terrelle Pryor? You don't.

  • The Buckeye Battle Blog would like us as Michigan fans to "Suck It". And by "It" he means the business end of an assault rifle. And no, I won't stop bringing Mo-C.

  • Mike "The Animal" Barwis is impressing people.