The March, the Madness

It's here...March that is. Despite the fall of basketball around these parts, there is still something to be excited about. Bracketology. Two weeks from tonight, the Big Ten tournament will conclude and Selection Sunday will begin. Michigan, outside of what would be the most improbable scenario in basketball history, will be sitting at home in the post season. No NCAA, no NIT. But they can't stop us from filling out our brackets. No sir.

The 2008 tournament challenge will be the 8th annual, which is both amazing and disturbing. Even more amazing and disturbing is that I recently received an email from a 7-month old child. It reads...

I whooped all your asses from the womb last year.... Who wants more?

For those that don't remember, the unborn grandson of The Godfather won last year's challenge, and now he is apparently talking shit. Challenge invites coming your mailboxes.