Another Super Tuesday and Reader Feedback!

How many pivotal Tuesdays can we have in one year? It's Clinton-Obama...for all the marbles...again. Seems like a long way to go to see who is going to be the Ohio State of the U.S. election.

Segwaying nicely into your government and you, or your government and college football if you will, I present to you House Resolution 938:

Commending the West Virginia University Mountaineer football team for exemplifying the pride, determination, and spirit of the Mountain State and overcoming adversity with skill, commitment, and teamwork to win the 2008 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Whereas Mountaineer receiver Tito Gonzales demonstrated outstanding play with a 79-yard touchdown pass and showed a national television audience how important Mountaineer success was to his team and his State;

Wow...and you were worried about a war for oil. Meanwhile Congressman Alan B. Mollohan wants you to give a hand job to Tito Gonzales for catching a ball...sorry...I mean, for catching a ball on national television. They were honored at the national level, and more recently at the state level, and for what??? For winning a Bowl Game with aracist interim coach after not taking care of a homegrown talent and forcing him to look to blue-er pastures.

Which brings me to a comment left just yesterday afternoon on one of my posts from a couple of weeks ago. With all of this posting during my lental obligation, it is deep in the archives, but in the interest of not wanting it to fall on deaf ears blind eyes, I give you the ramblings of reader goblue381...

I have a question for you. Have you ever been to West Virginia? I probably would guess not because you are making stereotypical statements about the state that you know nothing about. You are probably one of those people who doesn't even know where West Virginia is. I am ashamed to see this article on this website. I graduated from UM in 2004 and currently attend law school at WVU. Your bashing of a professor I hold in high regard is very disturbing. You attack someone who you don't know at all. You act like you know more than he does when in actual reality, he's got more knowledge and experience in law than you'll ever have in your lifetime. You write this article as slander to West Virginia. You call out the West Virginia University Sports and Law Society like we need to smoke drugs and feel good about ourselves before we read it. In no way did that blog EVER attack Michigan at all. It is an informational blog to discuss the legal aspects of the feud between Rich Rodriguez and West Virginia. I read this article today and it makes me ashamed to be a Michigan fan because of people like you who know NOTHING about the law or West Virginia. Yes, you can write whatever you want about West Virginia because its your 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech but when you attack a person's character as well as an area you know nothing about, you are crossing the line. Shame on you.

I'm no lawyer. In fact, I'm not much of anything, but I do have this tailgate party that I attend and support. Basically, I'm just a fan with a blog with some humor that is often tasteless. Yes, I have been to West Virginia. Played golf there, up in a mountainous area. 18 holes for $9.50. Classy. Muskrat sandwiches were available at the turn, as well as Miller High life. Unfortunately, there were no inoculations for hepatitis to be found. When it comes to West Virginia, it's really not MY stereotype. Ever typed "west virginia redneck" into google? Prepare to waste a full day clicking through the 50,000 sites. You're right though, my limited time in West Virginia is no where near sufficient to form such jaded opinions. Plus I've never been to WVU, I've only read about it:

Fire officials in Morgantown, W.Va., have ordered the removal of all upholstered furniture, debris and flammable objects from porches in city neighborhoods with high West Virginia University student populations in an effort to put a damper on the outdoor furniture blazes that have become a tradition.

Honestly, I didn't attack the intelligence of Professor a.d.p.c. He's probably the smartest man West Virginia. The equivalent of Not Sure being the smartest man in the world. And while he may have "more knowledge and experience in law" than I will ever have in my lifetime, I am fairly certain that neither he nor you will ever dine on a deep fried white castle hamburger. What I was ripping on was his name, which he so pompously leaves uncapitalized and accented. Somehow that was an attack on his character? This guy might be Mother Theresa for all I know. Though my psychic (or psychotic) opinion is that he is a lot like that guy from the Harvard bar in Good Will Hunting:

I was just hoping you might give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the Southern colonies. My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War, the economic modalities, especially in the southern colonies, could most aptly be characterized as agrarian, pre-capitalist --

So to sum up: I made a little fun of West Virginia, commented on a law blog being boring, and poked fun at a man's bad faculty photo. Ah, so sue me. Wait, law school right? No, please don't sue me. My apologies. All I ask of you is this: Don't be ashamed to be a Michigan fan because of me. In no way do I represent the typical Michigan fan. What you should be ashamed of is the fact that your BA in History and Econ didn't get you into Michigan Law, and instead you had to go West Virginia, which I don't find on this list. Do you like apples?