Now Read This

This everyday stuff ain't easy kids. You've got to respect the dedicated bloggers. There are sooooo many out there with regular and original content, especially those with Michigan ties. For those that have been under a rock, and because my blogroll is embarassingly small, here's a few of my daily reads that keep me informed and inspire the ideas for what you often see here:

  • MGoBlog: Like I need to send you here. Simply the best.

  • Michigan Football Saturdays: Lots of great flashbacks and great analysis. Also a Lloyd lover and a fellow Pirate that has covered yours truly on occasion.

  • Autumn Thunder: Pure fun. Plus I'm quoted on the front page. Notice my self-indulgent theme here.

  • Michigan Sports Center: Like a young Mr. Cook with his amazing analysis fresh out of high school. He's proof that the future is bright in the Michigan blogging world.

  • Straight Bangin': Can't decide if it's a hip hop blog posing as a Michigan blog or vice versa...either way I love it.

  • The Blog That Yost Built: Hockey heavy and very well written, you should be going here every day through the Frozen Four.

Hope you enjoy them all and click their ads for posterity.