It's Me! Mario!

Da da da da-da

It's seems the country club was serving a little more than steak and lobster the past few seasons. Vicodin and Mary Jane were also on the menu for Super Mario. Hey, I'm all for a gentlemen experimenting with some illicit drugs during his college years...I just have no respect for someone that gets caught. Getting caught with weed in your system means you are stupid, and I have little patience for stupidity coming from someone living a charmed college life. Listen, if you think that they didn't know when the test was coming, you're kidding yourself. Therefore, he either flat out didn't care and knew he'd be given a pass...or he was so caught up in the stuff he couldn't stop for a couple weeks. Mix that in for a recreational use of vicodin (which helped break the story on) and what you have is a troubled kid that should have been sat for some games....maybe his 3 catch, 0 touchdown performance against Appy State would have been a good one.

Listen, far be it from me to take away some of the great things Mario did here. From thePenn State miracle as a Freshman, to the leaping circus catch last season against MSU, there's no doubt he brought excitement to Michigan Football, maybe even won a game or two. But his inconsistency...might that be attributed to Thursday night game week bong parties on S. Forest? Ya, that's the story I heard but failed to report that seems much more plausible now. Oh, and if that's true, mix in a couple other members of your receiving core in attendance at the same party. And folks, that was just one night. One night that even I heard about. How many similar stories can be found without digging too deep? My guess is more than MM would like to admit.

But it's all in the past now. Mario left early. Arrington too. The question isn't about what is going on now, but it certainly lends more credence to theories of what went on in the past. We always stood by that even if they weren't playing to their star potential, at least they weren't getting themselves in trouble. The coaches were at least creating men of character. And now it seems we were really kidding ourselves. Three strikes? Seems like Mario had nine lives, and that, if nothing else, is a disappointing essay on a coaching staff who let the game pass them by.