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...things you always wanted to hear about the Florida Gators:

But the defense was downright humbled against Michigan.

The Wolverines racked up 524 yards of offense and scored on seven of 13 possessions. It could have been worse, too, had Chad Henne not thrown two interceptions and Mike Hart not fumbled twice near the goal line.

The Gators couldn't tackle Hart, couldn't pressure Henne and couldn't cover Adrian Arrington or Mario Manningham. Florida's coaching staff has shown highlights... lowlights, really... throughout the offseason to remind the players how much room they have for improvement.

Spikes wanted to turn away at times, but eventually decided to use it into a motivational tool."

It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Ahhh, but as I always say, the past is the past. For a look at the present, 

I give you Maize and Blog's Spring Practice Coverage

...first the good:

The offense involved a lot of quick rollouts and passes to the outside to one of the wideouts, mostly the slot guy which Clemons was playing. Threet was surprisingly quick and effective in these plays which made up most of the offense. The offense ran no-huddle the entire day, not huddling once during a series. Threet seems to be getting a great grasp on the offense very quickly leading the team in this no huddle. Most of those quick passes to the outside picked up about five yards and some broke for more.

OK, OK, sounds somewhat promising. My only issue is...what spread offense has ever had a problem with the Michigan defense. I kid! I kid! Some points of concern:

...offensive lineman (from LT to RT) Mark Ortmann, Tim McAvoy, Dave Moosman, Cory Zirbel, and Stephen Schilling.

Who? And this Navarre-esque tidbit:

(Threet) has about a 3/4 delivery which means alot of passes were and will be batted down at the line.

Good, because I've really been missing those.

And in "I swear I'm not bitter" news, Mallet hurt his thumb:

The sophomore struggled to move the second-team offense at the start of Friday's scrimmage, and he missed a considerable amount of snaps after injuring his right thumb.

So voodoo dolls do work! Well, he can't play this year anyway, despite his whining.