Weekend Roundup - My AM is Your PM Edition: April 21, 2008

OK, lets get the old stuff out of the way first. My refusal to report the results of the Frozen Four debacle is something I should be scolded for. In my defense, it was only 50% laziness. The other 50% was heart wrenching disappointment. Unfortunately, in the wake of the Irish winning something, I was a bit remiss with regards to the good news from that weekend, Kevin Porter getting the Hobey Baker award. Congrats to Kevin, and in retrospect, congrats to the Wolverines on their unexpected run. Thanks for helping us all remember that we are really really good at all but one sport.

Speaking of Michigan Basketball, looks like there's a plan in place to bring the hoops facilities into the 1990's. The women's team actually practices at the IM building??? 
Dude. Way overdue. And let's not screw around for two years looking for a plan and funding. Just get this done Bill....right now.

The Lloyd Carr lovefest knows no bounds. Lloyd was honored last week in Tennessee, receiving the Neyland Trophy from the Knoxville quarterbacks club. That's Neyland as in Neyland stadium. That's Tennessee as in ass-whoopin'-at-the-hands-of back in the 2001 Citrus Bowl. The "nice" article at Go Vols Extra does remind you what the legacy of Lloyd might be....forever.

His last season at Michigan was a difficult one. The Wolverines were upset by Division I-AA Appalachian State in the season opener and lost to Oregon in the second game. They won their next eight games before losing the last two regular-season games to Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Ya, I remember. Thanks.

And now some bullet points to ponder after you take the Where Are They Now quiz...