I Just Threw Up A Little Bit In My Mouth

If this turns out to be true...even a little bit...we need a new Senior Associate AD.

Maybe they should take a cue from previous Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, who according to a source close to the situation worked behind the scenes to help Boren obtain his scholarship release from Michigan. Carr even assured Boren that Ohio State is the closest thing to Michigan that he would find and that there are "good people" in Columbus.

WTF?  I don't care what his relationship was with Boren.  I don't care if he was related to Boren.  You do not help, assist, or even give silent approval for a player to transfer to your rival.  This is unprecedented, unheard of, and paints the current staff into a corner.  This is backstabbing, plain and simple.  It is now obvious that Lloyd will forever hold a grudge because his boys were not even considered for the head coaching spot, and then were unceremoniously removed from their assistant spots.  Now there will be media attention.  Is that what you wanted Lloyd?  Questions will now be asked each and every time you appear in public about your relationship with Rodriguez.  You may be a Michigan Man, but you are not THE Michigan Man, and it's time you told the truth, that your agenda came before the team...and still does.

So close to dead to me, I can smell the rotting corpse.

Getting over jet lag, back in full form soon.