This Tailgate Has Come to Order

We're just past the halfway point of the better time than now to get together with the tailgate crew and decide the coming season's home tailgate themes. We gathered together at Fraser's pub on May 3rd to hammer out the details.

The meeting was called to order in a partial drunken fog by the Godfather. The committee immediately took time to enter into the minutes recognition of the birthday of Hall of Fame tailgater John Dogan. John turned 75, and remains the elder statesman of Congrats John!!!

First on the docket...Utah. The opening game of the RichRod era will end a streak of of first-game Luaus going back to the start of themed tailgates. The Luau becomes another victim of the Appalachian State game and the heavy superstitions surrounding it as the worst loss in Michigan history, and may never be seen again. After a lengthy debate, we decided on a new theme, purposed by KT...The Patriotic Theme. It quickly morphed into a more football friendly title of "The All-American Theme" and will be red, white and blue decorated. Food will be also be All-American in nature, with burgers, fries, dogs, corn on the cob, etc.

Next up is Miami of Ohio. Out of New York by way of a teleconference, Tuba made a case for the 80's theme. 80's decor?...not sure. 80's food?...not sure. But 80's clothes and music...that we can do. The Godfather can help us all with this one. He's been wearing 80's stuff since...well...the 80's.

Then we travel to Notre Dame for the famous "party at the Godfather's" where we will look for back to back successful trips to South Bend.

The theme for the Wisconsin game came through very quickly...German. Easy enough.

For Illinois, the homecoming game, the theme selected was Urban. It should be noted at this point that the secretary entered into the minutes that "Frank is a control freak"...also that she had to pee so we needed to hurry up with this theme picking shit.

Ahhhhhh Toledo. Who doesn't love the mid Big Ten season MAC showdown. It is here noted that Captain Michigan needs another drink, and that everybody wants to eliminate Luau except for Lisa. Editors note: Lisa wants to keep Luau because she thinks she looks cute with flowers in her hair in the pictures. Back to business... Webmaster suggests a Western theme. Godfather seconds the motion. Toledo gets a Westerntheme.

The little brother game against Michigan State is up next. I will write directly from the minutes: Kristen and Lisa want a Formal Theme. Godfather wants to know what we will wear into the stadium. Pam doesn't want to wear heels. Southerners dress formal for all of their tailgates - why can't we do it? Captain Michigan is going to club a bunch of baby seals and wear a fur coat. Formal is the winner!

Northwestern gets the newly created Wild Game theme. This will be coupled withsoups and stews. Of note...Frank envisions Janet wearing a Pebbles-like outfit.

ADDENDUM: Yes, there will be a Carnival Theme tailgate, which was the favorite from last year. The carnival theme will be placed in an appropriate slot where we get a 3:30pm kickoff, and will bump the theme that is there.

Other Notes:

  • I need tickets for at Penn State, at Notre Dame, and at Ohio State.

  • The banquet will return to Damons on Nov. 15th