Who's in on a Suite?

Varsity Blue has published a brochure that details what it takes from a cash perspective to get your name on a piece of the new stadium. You can get it on a concourse. You can put it on a lobby. You can even put it on the President's suite...or the Athletic director's suite. Wait a sec. They both get suites? They can't share a suite?

We've come a long way from a $50 brick. Slapping your John Hancock on the stadium is going to run you anywhere from $5K to $2.5 Million.

But there are some deals to be had here folks...namely the suites. If you go low end, a suite is $55,000 and includes seating for 16. That's $3437.50 per season, per seat. But bear with me here folks. 80% of that is tax deductible. With some crafty gorilla math, and depending on your tax bracket, you're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $1700-$1900 per season ticket....which is not that far from the $350-$400 plus $500 seat license you might already be paying. Basically, for twice the price, you can have a suite. But as Varsity Blue points out, there is one huge caveat: Despite premium food and beverage service in the suites...alcohol is not permitted or served.


Section 30 is looking more and more comfortable everyday. There might not be as much room...there might not be as much glamor...but there is certainly more spirit...

...and there's usually someone serving alcohol.