Very Belated Announcement

My deepest apologies for how late this announcement is, but we have a couple of tailgaters that have decided to go ahead and take the plunge, committing themselves to spending the remainder of their days together in sickness and in health, whether it be a Rose Bowl season or an Bowl season, 'til death by alcohol do they part.

Being inappropriately groped in the above picture by yours truly is Michelle, affectionately known around the tailgate as "Tailgate Girl." She has been a fixture of the tailgate since we recruited her out of section 30 as a freshman. Her appearances were scattered throughout her college career as she managed her own UMTailgate spinoff at our rainout location.

Prior to last season, she finished her education, and appeared at the golf course in a full time capacity. At her side was her longtime boyfriend Kevin, who divides his time between earning multiple engineering bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees (now all completed...congrats!) and building Michigan themed grills in a machine shop. He became my right hand man for the 2007 season, a tailgate sous-chef if you will, and I wouldn't have made it through the season without him.

Just a few weeks ago, Kevin popped the question, which is of course, "Will you marry mego to all of the Michigan games with me?" Tailgate Girl accepted, and Kevin will take her last name...the couple will become Dr. and Mrs. Tailgate Girl.

Congrats to them both!