What the Settlement Means to You

By now you've heard all about Rich Rod settling up with West Virginia.  WVU will get its $4 million.  No interest, no legal fees for them.  Michigan will reportedly pony up $2.5 million of it plus pay Rich Rod's legal fees.  What does this mean to you, the average fan?  Not a damn thing.

Seriously.  This is none of your business.

Ticket prices will not rise because of this settlement.  Construction on the new boxes will continue at Stadium and Main.  And your gameday experience will be exactly as it would be if a court ruled that WVU wasn't going to get a penny.

We have a football team that has a following every bit as big as an NFL franchise, with crowds bigger than an NFL franchise, and an individual licensing agreement with an athletic apparel company...  and the players play for free.  That's what I call low overhead.  $2.5 million is a typical take for a player agent from a high end rookie contract's SIGNING BONUS.  Trust me, there's more than $2.5 million in loose cash in the leather sofa in Bill Martin's office.  But he won't need it because this $2.5 million was always going to be paid by a few donors.  A few Carr hating donors ready to push the change.

So don't complain, don't worry, and stay out of it.  Someone else is taking care of this.  Trust in the behind the scenes deal that was orchestrated long before Rich Rod signed on to lead the Maize and Blue.