The Grady Details

The Grand Rapids Press has printed the details of the Kevin Grady DUI over on MLive.  My initial reaction was that this was a minor misstep.  But then I saw the numbers:

According to the ticket issued to Grady, he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.281. Michigan's legal definition of drunk is 0.08

That, my tailgating friends, is what is known in most circles as WASTED.  In the end, KG is lucky he didn't kill someone...or himself.  This very well may be more than just a slap on the wrist in the form of Grady-can't-play-until-the-second-offensive-drive.  This will definitely be a measuring stick for the disciplinary policies of RichRod.

It's all very disappointing.  Not really from a depth chart perspective, where Minor and Brown return, and McGuffie and Cox are coming in, but from a good guy makes a comeback perspective.  Fifteen months ago, we felt bad for him.  A medical redshirt later, we had hope for him.  Three months ago, we anointed him as the change-of-pace back for the season, and even after Brandon Graham flattened him, as a guy that was about to reach the potential we saw when he was in high school...and be a team leader at 22 years old.

STRONGEST AREA: There is a nice collection of running backs with Minor, Kevin Grady and Carlos Brown. Grady is a bull who missed last season with a knee injury. Brown is a go-the-distance guy, while Minor is effective inside and outside. Incoming freshman Sam McGuffie also could play immediately. Rodriguez may use two tailbacks at the same time, so there should be plenty of work for these guys.

Now...not so much.

District Judge Pablo Cortes found Grady was "unable to render an intelligent or knowing acknowledgment of the charges" and ordered Grady to appear for arraignment July 9. Grady remains free on bond.

In other words, he couldn't answer "Do you understand the charges that have been brought up against you?"  with anything more than drool.