Weekend Roundup, Get a Jersey Edition: 8/11/08

8/8/08 has come and gone...anybody seen Goody?

Here's what happened on the internets while you ran a Beer-a-thon and stored some more belly button link.

  • Some Lopata love from Angelique via MVictors.  Never underestimate the power of special teams.  Remember the fun punt?  Remember Iowa coming in here on homecoming and handing us our ass?  Ya, not a coincidence.

  • Ohio State gives cars, money, hatchets, and vodka to their athletes.  MATW has the proof, at least about the car thing.

  • The BBC thinks they're funny.  They probably have a ton of runner-up merch over there.

  • Sticking with the MDen, those that have inquired about jerseys...they are available and will be shipped on 8/25.  The come in screen print, replica, and authentic versions and are priced from $55 to $150.  You can get a #1, #4, or #10. MDen.

  • You love Terrance Taylor...so does Maize n Brew.  And more from RBUAS.

  • Start thinking ahead to Nov 22...Varsity Blue can help you.