Weekend Roundup, IT'S GAME WEEK!!!! Edition: August 24, 2008

The largest grill ever to adorn the tailgate has been assembled.  If I can drag it behind my car, I'll have no problem getting it to the corner of Stadium and Main.  I can't even figure out how to properly dispose of the packaging.  Can't wait for Johnny Cleveland and The Hammer to life it into the Sequoia.

In other news, the addition of the Big Ten Network to Comcast is the bain of my existence.  I can't turn it off.  This afternoon, I watched Michigan State's last victory in the Big House (circa 1990), and despite already knowing the controversial outcome, got pissed all over again...just like I did in 8th grade.

Anyway, here's what happened this weekend while I fired up 8 burners with two propane tanks within my apartment....