Behold the Power of "OR"

Hey, scrap that depth chart from yesterday.  The official chart has now been released along with this week's Utah pregame notes over at the worldwide leader in Michigan propaganda.  Lots of "or's" on the page.  Most notable?  McGuffie and Shaw, connected by an "or," sitting quiety ABOVE Minor and Brown at the running back slot.  Good or bad?  You decide.  The crowd will no doubt go apeshit as the offense trots onto the field for the first time with Mr. YouTube #2 in tow.

Cutting the excitement with a knife will be an understatement.  Seriously, whatever you are envisioning, double it.  Because the slightest success will be met with a raucous response in this new era of the unexpected.

Anyway, 9 "or's" have found their way on to the offense depth chart, while the defense seems shored up and "or"-less.  Some of them are bad, like one of the two starting offensive returnees, Carson Butler, finding himself in a three-way "or" with Mike Massey and freshman Kevin Koger...or the giant elephant in the room on the field that is the battle for the field general spot between Threet and Sheridan.  The remaining "or's" are more of an either-or situation.  Moosman at center or at right guard...wide receiver and early arrival Darryl Stonum at X or Y.

Hey, it's not so much the "or" itself.  It's the choice that is made. And don't forget that hindsight is 20-20.  Important to remember when you think back to old "or's," like Jason Gingell OR KC Lopata....or Tom Brady or Drew Henson.

In other news of note for you BTN's Michigan week all week.  Big Ten Legends: Lloyd Carr airs tonight (Tuesday) at 6pm, followed by Michigan over Alabama and Shawn Alexander in the 2000 Orange Bowl.  MGoBlue has the details.  Also, don't forget about the premier of the Michigan Replay replacement on Thursday night at 6pm on FSN.

4 freakin' days.