I Can't Wait

It's been a busy day at the UMTailgate.com offices tying up loose ends.  I've received tons of email this week about where to go, what to do...how to tailgate.  The official rules will be updated tonight to reflect the upcoming season, and hopefully that will answer most inquiries in a FAQ fashion.

We've got three days.

The equipment has been dusted off, and the amount of space it occupies in my home is akin to the amount of space tailgating occupies in my life.  I'm excited about every aspect of the journey we are about to go on together....culinarily (not actually a word, but sounds good), socially, in the stands, on the field...

I can't wait for the domino run of brake lights as those in line for the golf course see that the gate to the tailgate has opened.  I can't wait for the look on Captain Michigan's face as I pop the rear door on my SUV and he sees the amount of equipment packed inside.  I can't wait for the sizzle of the potatoes that will hit the cast iron skillet, or the ribs as they meet 118,000 BTUs of grilling power.  I can't wait for that first (and decidedly too strong) sip from the mug of captain and coke.  I can't wait to greet the three people that attend Gar's tailgate.  I can't wait to feed Cooper.  I can't wait to see what everyone has brought.  I can't wait for that first burn-my-mouth bite of Pammy's cheesy potatoes.  I can't wait for what will likely be the largest group picture in our history.  I can't wait to wait in line at the corner to get out of the golf course and head to The New House.  I can't wait to get waived in at section 30 by the best security detail in college football.  I can't wait to make the turn to look up in the stands for Kevin and his cowbell.  I can't wait for the looks from the latest crop of freshman students wondering who the crazy fat guy is.  I can't wait for bandtakethefield.  I can't wait for the banner to be touched.  I can't wait for The Claw.  I can't wait for LeAnn to slip me some Henessey.  I can't wait for the wave after an insurmountable lead.  I can't wait for "it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine."

I can't wait to prove everyone wrong.